Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Greedy me

In about nine hours from now, India take on hosts Australia at the Adelaide Oval.

The last time they were there 4 years ago, I was in the fifth semester of my computer engineering and had an exam in Computer Hardware Design that coincided with India's successful chase in the 4th innings. I decided to watch the match instead of studying. If i flunked the exam, i could take it again in 6 months. If India won the test match, i was not sure if i would ever get to see them win another test match in Australia. I got 9 marks out of 100 in the exam in a subject where i had scored 22 out of 25 in internal tests. It was worth the gamble. India won. I cleared the paper later.

India won in Australia again last week, this time in Perth. No exams this time. No bunking them either.

For the next 5 days i will pray for another win. Greedy me.

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