Monday, December 17, 2007


Maybe public confessions give you some kind of closure. Maybe they put you in place when you mess up. Maybe they make you feel so ashamed of what you have done that your inner resolve to never repeat the mistake turns things in the long run.

I think its time to confess.

Here goes.

I had about 600+ unread items in Google Reader. I began the task of reading with enthusiasm but could not sustain the energy levels. I tried my best to finish but i could not. I know euthanasia is banned, but i did resort to the 'Mark All As Read' button.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Excuse the crap and move on

I have been busy with exams. I still have 3 more to go. But for now i am just plain bored. So here i blog. I think the hibernation is over. I think i am back to normal programming. But you never know.

Blogging demands predictability - Predictability is boring - Hence, blogging is boring.

But no, wait! At the micro- level, i think (with an almost uncluttered mind) - Nah forget it. A few random thoughts swirling through my mind at the moment

To blog means to write. Write your own thoughts. Type what you feel in (long-winded) sentences giving the impression that you are one thinking specimen.

But what happens when your fingers are too slow to type what your mind is thinking? Too slow to keep pace with the thoughts swirling inside? What if your fingers are still at point A and the mind has reached E? What if your mind does not have the space and time to save points B, C and D?

B, C and D are lost. Now what? Anyways, i have no idea. I just think i have made my point. I think my fingers are too slow.

I would like to end it here. I am just so bored. I thought i should post something here. So i typed this out. Excuse the crap and move on.

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