Sunday, March 16, 2008

A few points to note after the Scarlett Keeling murder

Much has been said and written about the Scarlett Keeling murder in Goa.

A few observations from my end (I know a lot has been said already about the case, but i have to revive my blog)

1) Much as we would like to blame this crime on outsiders (read as non-Goans), the culprits were very much Goan. So the hospitable and friendly Goans have darker shades to them and i am glad the world knows it well now.

2) There exists a murky network between drug peddlers and cops. Drugs are easily available in Goa. That is the truth.

3) Getting caught with their pants down in front of international media will not change the Goan cops. They are beyond repair.

3) To the single female tourist - If you do not go out alone at 4 a.m. anywhere else in India because you think it is unsafe, why go out in Goa?

4) To mothers of 15 year olds - You do not leave your 15 year olds alone in Goa. 15 year olds are never at fault. At 15, i wanted to try everything.

5) There have been murders and rapes of foreigners before in Goa, which have gone unreported. Some have been passed off as suicide or drowning cases. The reason the Scarlett Keeling murder got front page attention was because her mother chose to fight and the national and international media paid attention.

6) The press in Goa are a complete sham. Laughable. One of the three P's in Goa that compete with each other to be the prized puppets in the hands of the rich and powerful, the other two being the Politicians and the Police.


There are two many unanswered questions about the murder even after the Goa Police has claimed the case has been cracked. These questions will appear as headlines in the international media soon.

Friday, March 14, 2008

All men are not like that

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