Friday, August 04, 2006

Choices - tough and pleasant..

I travel to work in the Kadamba Transport Corporation shuttle from Panjim to Vasco. It takes about 45 mins each way. Its smoother and faster than the creaky KTC big buses with clattering window panes and forever vibrating seats. So I spend more than an hour and a half travelling. Michelle suggested I carry a good book. Which is what I am doing. I am currently reading "The World Is Flat". Sometimes I wonder if the book is a good idea. Because there are times when I dont miss the sights. The route is the same, I know. But there is some thing about the way I feel when I can sense the breeze blowing in my face and nature in all its splendour, and in the background the green hills and the sea. The Goan countryside has this very charming knack of luring you.

Last Sunday when we were at Chapora, the view was breathtaking. The monsoons made sure all was green and a sight to behold. So much of Goa is still unexplored, and my excitement to see the remote places is similiar to that of the child eagerly waiting to open his or her Christmas presents on Christmas morning. This is why I love Goa. Reason number one, its so easy in Goa to get lost in the green fields or the green hills or head to the beach to soak in the sights, and feel refreshed. Reason number two, I can never get lost here. You speak Konkani and you will be dropped home. Whichever corner of Goa I am in, I am bound to bump into someone I know. If I dont bump into familiar faces, friends will be just a phone call away. Nothing beats this place, now and never will. I am a nature junkie. More than that, I will always be a Goa junkie.

Its a tough choice this one - a good book or the sights! Which explains why i just finished only 200 pages.. 350 more to go!


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