Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reality beckons ..

Reality is an eye-opener. It could be gross. Something you don't want to see or hear or read about, but it is there. Somewhere. Beckoning you to take notice. And act.

There are times when i come across instances of grave injustice, stories of despair and horrid tales of misfortune.

Usually, I analyze the issue, jot down the options or solutions to the way out and discuss these with a few whose input and help will be valuable in making things easier for the victim. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it does not.

The least i can do is blog about the issue. But i do not.

Which is why i loved this post. Please read it. We may have a female President but we have an issue on our hands.


Monday's Child said...

Thanks Jason for that link... really.

Hey I've missed you! hope you're doing ok :-)

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