Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Brian Balfour - 3 components necessary for a start up

I believe there are three components that make a successful team. Each component doesn’t necessarily have to be dedicated to one person, but all components need to be fully covered by the startup team to produce the best results.

The Dreamer
The dreamer is usually the one with the original idea. He/She is always thinking of new concepts, additions, and components. A lot of times many of the ideas are too far out there but it’s these “dreamer” abilities that keep the company innovative and unique.

The Geek
The geek is just that…a geek in their own respect. They are the ones that have the technological know how, the ins and outs, and the problem solving strategies to put the Dreamer’s ideas into reality. Whatever subject it may be, computer programming, finance, manufacturing, it is the geeks life, love, and passion.

The geek is 100% essential for a startup. I learned this lesson the hard way with my first business, Celestine Inc, a web development company. Between myself and my partner we had the Dreamer and Manager roles covered. But instead of finding a third partner, we hired a company to do our web programming.

However a third party doesn’t truly care about your idea, they care about your business. These are two completely different motivations. A third party company won’t put late night hours into trying to make something unique work. Instead they will just find a way around it. “Whatever gets the job” done mentality takes over, and the company will eventually suffer.

The Manager
The Manager is the “realist” counter balance to the “idealist” Dreamer. These people stereotypically have detail oriented personalities. Their role in the startup is to basically run the day-in day-out details of operating a business. This allows the Dreamer to concentrate on developing new ideas, and the Geek to focus on transforming these ideas into reality. The Manager is a classic business school type but knows how to be effective in the unpredictable enviroment of a startup.


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