Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fiction Books

I stopped reading fiction a long time ago. Infact a very long time ago. I think the last time was Enid Blyton in the 7th standard.

My sister has to study Arundhati Roy's God Of Small Things. I was tempted to pick it up and browse through. Dont know whether i should read it or not. Maybe i should. I am just curious to know if it really is as good as it is touted to be. Arundhati Roy comes with a reputation, in any case. Maybe i should try to figure out whether she is worth the Booker Prize. I doubt she will impress a biased mind like mine.

Sometimes, i wonder whats the point of fiction? Is there a goal or moral the author is getting to? And does always the point have to come after 300 pages of bulldust? It is not for me. But when you want to involve in a bit of light, imaginative reading, i guess fiction it is. But i cant stand the romances. I think they are just frustrations of a depressed soul expressed on paper. Like my frustrations on these things called romances.

Fiction is like these soap operas. The two have a lot in common. Both go round and round in circles and end up nowhere. And in the bargain, they tempt a lot of wayward and unaware souls into believing that they are actually heading somewhere.....

Reading fiction can promote a vivid imagination but then, so can daydreaming. Reading fiction can enhance your understanding and analysis of complex situations but then so does life. We learn to deal with the complexities as we move on in life. Reading fiction can provide entertainment and fun, and thats true.


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