Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lessons for budding entrepreneurs

1. It always takes a long time to establish a company.

2. It always costs more (than you thought it would) to start a company.

3. We need leaders, not managers, for an enterprise to succeed.

4. Perseverance pays. You have to believe in what you are creating, and keep the faith. In 2001, many people told us we were over, but we are still here.

5. History does not always repeat itself.

6. Communication is key. Listening is extremely important. You should have the ability to listen to your employees.

7. Be prepared for the culture factor in the US and in India, though a lot of cross-pollination has taken place by now.

8. In good times, be prepared for the bad times. Good times will not last forever. Business is cyclical.

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