Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Change the music....

This was the moment when a billion hearts stopped.
So did the music.

But about one second later, the music resumed.

Please stop playing that awful "Chak de India" song each time an India win is in sight. Please.

The tune of the song reminds me of some of those 'golden oldies' - randomly composed songs with the choicest expletives for lyrics - that served as the anthems to be sung aloud by a bunch of croaking guys, to assert their supremacy and intimidate opponents at inter-school competitions.


illusionaire said...

Ah, my cricket crazy friend, am back from my sabbatical!!! :)

Guess what, I watched every single match of the T20 World Cup while I was in Mizoram, because it's as if the game was tailor stitched just for me! I hate cricket because it is slow, and with tardiness comes boredom. But the T20 was different. It was exactly what I wanted to see.

Three cheers again on India's victory.

Regarding your post, don't you also find it a bit ironic how "Chak de" song is so popular now, but our hockey players are still treated like low class citizens compared to our cricketers? Kinda want your opinion on this, if you don't mind.

illusionaire said...

oh! Since when did you start moderating your comments too? :)

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