Friday, June 06, 2008

What if?

Imagine yourself on a bus ride.

You are enjoying the scenery and the cool breeze wafting in through the windows. A light drizzle has left the surroundings wet and green. Your eyes devour the beauty around. And then, the sights and the peace are interrupted by noise. There is commotion. Suddenly, someone tells you that you will die when the bus stops. Thats it. You will be shot when the bus stops and its no joke. You decide to fight back. You will not take it lying down. The bus stops. Gunshots are heard from the front, lost in the cacophony of wails and screams. Fighting back is a lost cause. Your heart sinks. Surrender and death is the only way out of this bus. You hear muffled prayers from the back. Reality dawns on you. You realize you are living the last few minutes of your life.

You think of all the people you have ever met, the people you loved, the dreams left unrealized, the hopes left shattered. Your mind does not know what to do. The past is full of regrets and broken promises. The future is full of uncertainty. The present is hard to keep the mind on. But the present will be over soon.

At this point, would you look back on your past and regret the fact that you haven't achieved anything worthwhile, and that you did not spend time with the people who mattered, doing what mattered?

Or would you worry about what will happen to you after you die?


BachBlue said...

Tagged !!! (check my blog for the rules)

BachBlue said...

Tagged !!! ( Check my blog for the rules)

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