Saturday, February 10, 2007

the moon or the pillar?

This guy is learning it the hard way. After his post, he has come in for piles of cow-dung from all who have taken offense to his views.

I wonder why we take the 'psychotic ramblings of a mad man' so seriously?

And also, what damage can a blogger do to South Indians(or 'madrasis')? Will companies stop investing in South Indian cities? Will the movies down south stop flourishing? Will the curd rice taste any less good?

We cant afford to take personal opinions so seriously. Thats because the blog macrocosm will have many characters, good, bad and the downright ugly. We will have experts, rationalists, ignorants and all jumping onto the bandwagon and expressing themselves on the web in the future. We will have good bloggers, bad bloggers, outspoken bloggers, brash bloggers, trash bloggers and free-floating bloggers. Will we draw the knives each time an opinion is expressed? Remember they told us 'think before you speak'! That will be substituted by 'google before you blog'.

A good friend in Manipal University once casually mentioned that all Mallus are bad people and kick you in the gut once they have finished business with you. I did not argue, believing that maybe he had some genuine stab-in-the-back experience. Three of my best friends are Mallus and in no way have this guy's words affected my friendship with any of them! Why should it? Whats true for him may not be true for me! A neighbor of mine is a Mallu and a new friend and i don't see why i should not think of him as just another good guy.

The post is in bad taste, and that is a fact. Too sick, na? Well, you haven't read the comments. They are even worse. Just as much as Vulturo has a responsibility to not make a fool of himself, so do guys and gals who comment on his post. While there is room for debate, there is no room for abuse. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.

Vulturo is probably getting some extra doses of the freedom of speech tonic administered to him, in an attempt, and i am not sure of this, to get him to take off his post. Why should he?
After all, he has learnt that freedom of speech applies to the comments section as well.

I don't read much of Vulturo, but maybe i should subscribe to him. He's got some funny opinions. Like his latest post, justifying what he said earlier. Besides, i think we should all link to him. He is happy his ad-sense revenues are going up. He does count the blessings.

If everyone keeps their courtyards clean, the whole world will be clean!

This is getting long, and i don't like long posts (on my blog). I better end this, before my keyboard collapses in a state of exhaustion!

P.S. As regards the title, it has to do with dogs. While dogs bark at the moon, they treat the pillar differently. You got to be the moon to escape with just a barking, you cant be a tree, or a wall or a pillar and get just the barking!!


Monday's Child said...

it´s funny, through you I am getting a glimpse into this whole other world... I read the posts and some of the comments... it´s so strange: when I read the first post I was really rather disgusted at the blatent sexism and almost shocked by his referal to rape in the last sentence... not surprised though... (I teach feminist theory to classes of "machista" students). I was however mildly amused when I read the comments and second post that this hadn´t seemed to be the problem for most people... they were all pissed off at the "alleged" (hehe I have always wanted to use that term) racism... it had never occurred to me that the term "madrasi" was taboo and apparently considered racist... but it was interesting reading so thanks for that! hehe I liked your take on the saga though!

illusionaire said...

hehe.. I know Vurturo.. I mean not personally, but during the days when some of my posts would appear occassionally now n then at, we crossed paths... :-)

I too used to be so into this whole racism thing.. I mean, I still am, but the level of my invovlment has definitely died down... kinda busy as of now blogging about other stuff :-)

But yeah, I still get many mails to come up with part 2 and 3 etc of my most successful post Racism 1: Chinky what me insult? which I will later.. much later.. when I feel like it.. as of now.. racism, macism... they are irrelevant :-)

Jason said...

@monday's child
Thanks for dropping by! Looking down on others for any reason whatsoever is deplorable! The place of birth, or the ancestral origins or talent and ability does not give us a license to treat others disrespectfully!

Looking forward to the other parts from you.
For all i know, we could have been born in Mizoram or Chennai or Botswana or Germany or Fiji or wherever ... We have not done anything to be what we are and be born where we were born ...So feeling superior because of race is nothing but utter crap.
We just have loads of good things and blessings to be grateful for :)

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