Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunil Gavaskar describing nose-picking

If we go by the way he describes the cover drive, here is how the metaphysician in Sunil Gavaskar would describe nose-picking ->

The head held high, the chin pointing up, and the finger slowly transferred on to the nostril with the eyes wandering surreptitiously around to check if anyone is watching. The finger goes in and lucidly and beautifully rotates within the nostril with the elbow pointing downwards to get the correct elevation as the ball is fluently flung away to the floorwith precision. You can see the look of delight on his face as he watches it fly to the floor. It is not just about the timing, its also about the placement and he got both right. He knew exactly what he wanted and he did it with elan. An artist at work.


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