Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Why do i blog?

Good question.

A politically correct answer to the question will be 'to vent what's within me and express myself and yada-yada-yada-sada-batat-wada' in typical beauty-pageant-contestant's-future-plans style.

An honest answer would be 'i have no idea'.

Frankly, my blog is not me. Its just a part of me, and very importantly, a very small part of me.
This blog will never be able to capture me wholly no matter how hard i try to fit into its confines!

There are so many issues that are close to my heart that i do not blog about. Why? No clue! There is so much being said everywhere and i dont think i want to add to the confusion with my half a cent worth opinions. Maybe i am a lazy bum or maybe i am a boring nerd who has nothing new to say or whatever.

A lot of the recent posts here have been written motivated purely by the lack of posting i do and my determination to get over my inertia of regular posting. Like what i am writing now. Or this or this !

And it surprises me when someone like Bombay Addict thinks my blog is worth a read and the same gets picked up and i see me listed here!

I ought to take this more seriously! I will! Now let me figure out from when!

CONFESSION - I am addicted to blog reading though. I subscribe to 80 blogs and i can tell you the number is increasing. Having been fed portions of glam tales and success stories by mainstream commercial media, it surprises me that stories of failure and rejection and defeat are not told as much so reality tales like this , in the commercial media this time, are what i find a big turn-on. That explains my addiction to blogs. Deep down, i am a pragmatist and a realist. I read because honest opinions and experiences are fascinating.


Bombay Addict said...

"someone like Bombay Addict" ?! Lol ! I'm not sure what you mean, but hey, I like what you write !

Btw - if you're like reading blogs, perhaps you could take the tag forward ? Thanks.

Jason said...

It should have read 'when a celeb blogger like Bombay Addict'

Taking it forward :)

Monday's Child said...

I like reading your blog too... mostly I like your sense of humour :)

I try not too get addicted to blog reading as I know I will become far too obsessive but every now and again I do a few "next blog" clics and occasionally come across something I feel I want to come back to.

Question: when bombay addict says "take the tag forward" and you say you will... what does this MEAN?

Jason said...

Hey monday's child! Thanks! Back to Bolivia and blogging!!

Bombay Addict is talking about giving links to 5 relatively unknown bloggers who write well but dont get as much fresh air as they like :) Addicts that we are, he to Bombay and me to blogs, he suggests i tag 5 of my unknown favourite bloggers by linking to their blogs in a post of mine :)

You can view a list at this link

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