Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cricket Quiz - All the trivia buffs come on over

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  • Educated in Lahore and Oxford, this multi-faceted cricketer scored a hundred at the SCG on his Ashes debut for England and later was employed in the Indian Foreign Service. Name him.
  • Name the only Test cricketer to have won a Olympic hockey gold medal.
  • Name any one Test Cricketer born in each of the following non-Test playing countries
1) Italy
2) Portugal
3) Hong Kong
4) Afghanistan
5) Malaysia
6) Mozambique
7) Swaziland
8) Peru
9) Egypt
10) Papua New Guinea
11) USA
12) Panama
13) Kenya
14) Zambia
15) Germany

  • Name the only player to have appeared in Test matches in both rugby and cricket for New Zealand.
  • He represented the West Indies in cricket and lawn-tennis, and also won the Trinidad & Tobago table-tennis singles title in 1949. Further to this, he also made it to the Trinidad & Tobago team in basketball and soccer. Name him.
  • India has been served by two players both in hockey and Test cricket. Name them.
  • Which Test cricketer has played soccer for both New Zealand and Australia?
  • The son of which cricketer represented his country in Rugby U-17 and Test cricket?
  • Which fast bowler was given the middle names Alexei and McNamara (after the Soviet and American politicians) by his father whose name was Kissinger? His sister is named Golda.
  • Which Indian cricketer is also a fingerprint expert?
  • The 1996 Wisden records say that "fried calamari stopped play" during a South African domestic match at Paarl in February 1995. What happened?
  • Which country other than Australia did both Mark and Steve Waugh both represent?
  • Who played against Brian Lara when he scored his 501 not out, and was West Indies' 12th man when he scored his 375?
  • After having found a place in the Australin team as a wicketkeeper for the 1890 tour of England, this cricketer tells the management that he has never kept wickets before once the team had safely embarked on their voyage. Name him.
  • Find a relation between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Indian cricket team with respect to the members.
  • An accomplished cricketer and coach, he devised Zimbabwe's car registration system and his sister captained the Zimbabwe women's field hockey team which won the gold medal in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. Name him.
  • Born two months prematurely and afflicted with meningitis when he was a few months old, he was given only a one in four chance of survival, but survive he did. However, although it was not realised for some time, he was left totally deaf by the disease. When he was four, he had an operation to regain his hearing. The operation was successful, but left him with terrible coordination difficulties. He was consequently some way behind his age group when he went to school. He worked as a installer of refrigeration and air conditioning units during this period of his career. He is related to a famous golfer. Name him.
  • Which big hitting all rounder has the name of an island country for a middle name?
  • She played 7 tests for Australia. Her brother played 41 Tests. Her husband has stood in 10 ODIs. Name her.
  • When he took the wicket of Michael Vaughan in his debut test, he became the first bowler for his country to take a wicket in his first international over. He died in a motor accident and is now the youngest Test cricketer to have died. Who is he?
  • Besides Graeme Hick, name the only other Test cricketer who was born in Zimbabwe but represented another country in tests.
  • Dave Whatmore and Jehan Mubarak are related in some unique manner to Sri Lankan cricket. How?
  • She was born in Canada, and played for Netherlands and New Zealand. Name her.
  • He played football at under-18 level for Scotland, and cricket for three countries. Name him.
  • Who is the the only known Test cricketer to have been executed?
  • Clayton Lambert and Faoud Bacchus have played international cricket for the West Indies and also played for the USA. Name another West Indian ODI cricketer who now plays for the USA.
  • Name the West Indies cricketer who has served as the Speaker of the House of Assembly and the President of the Board of Education in his country.

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