Monday, July 31, 2006

Bhagat Singh on leaders

........ There are two kinds of leaders who incline to drag the party back at the moment when it should go fastest. One kind also tends to see over whelming difficulties and obstacles in the way of revolution and looks at them ----- consciously or unconsciously -- with the desire of avoiding them. They alter Marxism into a system for explaining why revolutionary action is impossible.

The other kind are mere superficial agitators. They see never any obstacle untill they can break their heads against them. They think they can avoid real difficulties by floods of oratory. They look at every thing with supreme optimism , and , naturally change right over when something has actually to be done.


Written on page 74 of Bhagat Singh's notebook.
This note book was received on 12 Sep 1929 when the agreement was made between the hunger strikers and Special Jail committee.
Written in 1929.
Relevant in 2006.


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