Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Two sides of a story

We know politicians are big time jerks. Never missing an opportunity to indulge in some name-calling. But sometimes you expect them to have some sense. Like when the country's financial capital is hit by 7 blasts in 11 minutes leaving around 200 people dead. All this in rush hout traffic. You can expect them to shut up and show a united, brave face. But then, dreams will be dreams. Remo had sung 'Politicians dont know how to rock n roll'. Politicians dont know how to shut up either. Check this.

The guys at Mumbai Help have done a great job. Every comment on their "How can we help" page is a testimony to the true Mumbaikar spirit and grit. The first people to help the victims in most places were the locals. Some distributed samosas, biscuits and water to stranded travellers. The authorities came much later aka police in bollywood movies. Clearly. Mumbaikars are made of stronger stuff.

As Pratyush Khaitan puts it

Today, as the morning sun rises, you are still angry. The Mumbai blasts were no hang over which would go away the next day. The innocent lives lost barbarically murdered cannot be brought back.

The simple joys we enjoy each day - sports, movies, music seem insignificant as lives are lost. That was the aim of the terrorists as well. So don’t stop dear Indians and continue with your normal lives while doing as much as you can to help the victims even though it will seem difficult.

As the Mumbai train started again today morning, the people cheered. Like that train, we have to carry on, if only to stand tall against cowardly people who attack innocents.


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