Monday, July 31, 2006

i have a problem..

Why am I not like everyone else ?? Why am i different?? I think differently. My goals are completely different from those of my friends. Can i blend in ?? Should i try to blend in, at the risk of losing my individuality ?? Well, no way.

But then, i always wonder, why am i different. I'm happy the way i am. Money does not motivate me as much as it should, but fighting for a cause does. Why am i so hard to get along with, why do i disagree so often, why am i so unpredictable?? I have no clue. Frankly. I have never intended to be a non-conformist.

When i look back though, i feel i 'd rather be different. Just the way i am right now. Can't get along with me, can you?? I am not asking you too..


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