Friday, July 28, 2006

Stop the car!!

They were just a bunch of drunk kids. 'Kids' is Amitabh Revi of NDTV called them. Why question them? Saara nasha uthar aaya hoga. I dont drink or smoke or dope but i do know what people who are inebriated can be up to. It isn't their fault that they got to the second gate. Why freak them out by telling them to get lawyers and that they may have to go to jail. They were so dumb, they gave their names and their employers names on national television. Their contracts will be terminated for straying into 7, Race course road when they were into drunk and blamed on prior indiscipline and absenteeism.

Take the SPG to task because they were clearly found wanting. Woefully wanting!

The PMO says it was not a security breach. With as much nonchalance as the kid in school who blames his failure in school on inept teaching. If you cant blame it on someone, find some excuse.

NDTV got so excited. From 10.00 p.m. i watched the channel and all i could see were images of the black Hyundai Sonata moving back and forth and the interviews and kisses. I switched it off at 11.30 in disgust. I heard both the interviews so many times and knew each word by heart. Come on guys, accept it, it was a security breach after all, wasn't it? Accept it atleast for NDTV's sake.

IBN gives the full names of the girls with their pics and their jobs and employer and the guy?? They know only his first name. Maybe he did what most celebrities do, he might have said no comments.

Bizarre and laughable it may have been, but i'm 100% sure that if the 'kids' had managed to sneak in through the second gate, they would have shot at. And the whole incident would be passed off as an intrusion by terrorists and accolades showered on the alert security men at the gates!

One lesson for all! If you are drunk, dont drive on Race Course Road.


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