Thursday, November 09, 2006

the personification of hope

This latest twist to the Jessica Lall case got me thinking.

Suppose i am a journalist interviewing Ram Jethmalani.

Something similar to this interview. (video link / transcript)

One question for the Jethmalani rebel. Assuming i am an ignoramus infront of a legal hippopotamus. Suppose there is a cameraman near Jethmalani. I take a gun and shoot him dead. Not only do i shoot him dead, i make sure that Mr. Rebellious-Boy-Lawyer can see me shooting him dead. Also, before shooting the cameraman, i tell Mr. Saviour-Of-The-Condemned that i have come with intentions to shoot the cameraman and i will do it.

Now, if i approach The-greatest-legal-Know-all-that-has-graced-planet-Earth-since-947-BC to defend me in court, will he agree????

Fees barabar, sab barabar, kya khayaal hai Mamu??


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