Friday, November 10, 2006

Synchronised Sleeping!

Synchronized Swimming is an Olympic Sport.

I just discovered a new sport. Its called Synchronized Sleeping.

Synchronized Sleeping involves either individuals or groups combining calmness, endurance, flexibility, grace and artistry with exceptional breath control while sleeping on the last seat of the Kadamba Transport Corporation bus.

The masters and legends of Synchronized Sleeping board the early morning shuttle to Vasco from Panjim.

If the sychronised sleeping team is on the last seat, brace yourself for an amazing display of rhythmic coordination and grace, in tune with the jerks of the bus and, and in complete harmony with the movements of fellow teammates.

The driver of the bus is the trainer and chief coach of the team and he directs every move of his team that is sprawled tightly on the last seat. Every time the driver swerves the bus jerks, there is a corresponding display of finesse from the team of synchronised sleepers on the last seat, who sway in unison to the left or right.

The sport is becoming popular not only with Indian Olympic officials who seem to have a solution to their Olympic medal drought, but also has huge potential with popular dance choreographers in Bollywood and current celebrity dance reality shows.

We hope the legacy of these synchronised sleepers lives on and on and on ..


Monday's Child said...

you made me laugh a lot.. I could totally imagine the team :-)

Jason said...


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