Thursday, November 09, 2006

Reality Shows

I am not a big fan of Roadies on MTV. The concept is great, bikes, roads, tasks, vote-outs so it has everything.

The inaugural run always arouses my curiosity in most reality shows and the loss of interest after the initial hoopla is habitual.

This year though, i loved watching the auditions of MTV Hero Honda Roadies 4. I have never seen the auditions and interviews before. It was a delight to see the wannabe roadies getting marooned royally.

Most reality shows with an unique concept will do well in the first year. The attempt to carry on over to milk the cow till it drops dead is actually an attempt to gag audiences with "watch this bull-shit because there is nothing else you can do, can you?".

Which is why there are all pretty much avoidable. Celebrities or no celebrities, they all suck.

Rumours like these dont help their cause

I am willing to put my money on Big Boss doing well.


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