Sunday, December 10, 2006


It wasn't my fault.
I was just born.
It wasn't an achievement either.

I have never done anything to be born,
not never aware of what went on
I could not choose the date
nor the time nor the place
and still, i was born.

And then they came.
I was given a name, an identity, a language, a religion.
They said i belonged to this caste and that subcaste.
They said i should kill.

They said I must kill the others because they are not like me.
Not of my caste, not my of subcaste,
not of my religion, or my hometown.
They are dirty like pigs they said.
But they were humans.

And I obeyed them. I killed whomever I was told.

Now I see death staring into my face.
A moment and this life will pass.
Cant take anything or anyone with me.
Sad, but is there hope?
Is there something more
that i do not know?
Or is life too, yet another farce??


HP said...

Good Poem Mate!!


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