Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year 2007 brouhaha

Will dancing the night away on 31st December make 2007 a better year?
Will making merry on 31st December make the world more peaceful?
Will there be a hangover on the 1st day of 2007 because of the rigorous partying the night before?

Forget the world! Will my going out and partying make me any better or make my life any meaningful or make me feel good? I doubt!!

The way they advertise the New Year in Goa, you cant help but feel January 1st 2007 has been the day the world has longed for!

Will war cease? Will communal tensions decrease? Will something startling happen?
Maybe we should wait and watch.

As for me, i will spend my time with those who mean a lot to me! That makes me feel good!!


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