Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Hows U" scrap on Orkut kills one

"Hows U" -> It is the worst possible scrap you can get on Orkut. I get it too.

So you reply "i'm doing good".

And then to get back at the person who sent that 5 letter scrap that wasted your 300 seconds, you write on his/her scrapbook "Hows u doin?"

And then the resulting scrap is not an answer that ends the formalities normally reserved for formal parties/gatherings/weddings among 50+ year olds with big reputations and even bigger paunches. Its a question again.
"Hows things n all?"

It gets to you. Things are good. I am good too :) . Osama Bin Laden is good. So is George Bush. Our doodhwala is good. And so are all his cows. The Indian cricket team is good too. Seriously. To summarise briefly, things are good and all are good. So things and all are good. Hope you got it. So you reply, as lucidly as you possibly can, fearing any extra words may create more questions in his/her inquisitive mind (you wonder whether your not asking any questions would imply that you are impolite, but you expect the other person to get the cue that you are busy at the moment)

The next thing that happens - Another scrap. No problem. Another scrap question. Big problem. What question
"Great. Hows work"

So u reply
"I died. Came back alive for a brief moment just to tell you that i am dead and i will no longer be answering any more questions. Sorry. No condolence scraps. I warn you. If there are any, i will haunt you all your life, and worse still i will delete your Orkut account. Bye."


Longbow said...

Hi there,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, thankfully not all guys are like that... Awesome post about Orkut buddy... wish I'd thought of something like that!!

radvixen said...

Lool...hahahahaha... I just can't stop laughing.

You live in Goa huh?! Lucky u... surrounded by beaches n fun n partying! :D

Jason said...

Thanks, mate! Orkut scraps can be really crazy at times!!

Lucky me :)
Goa is a great place to be in.. :)

rohit said...

heh heh this is a really nice post...
shud hav thought up sumthing like this mahself ...

Monday's Child said...

So how come no one ever comments on your blog and then suddenly there are like 4 comments from out of the blue? I'm just curious... I actually check in on your blog every once in a while and you generally make me laugh out loud. So thanks for that.

Jason said...

@rohit, Thanks.

@Monday's Child
I have no idea why the sudden spurt in comments. Thanks for dropping by.

M-d said...

Guess no one could resist commenting on this post :)) Seriously funny.

music mania said...

so totally awesome!! a great sense of humor. laughed so much while reading that i'll re read:)

great work:)

keep writing.

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