Monday, July 16, 2007

Culmination of life in general :)

Thats it.

I have crossed a major milestone in my life today at 5.40 pm. It took me 24 years to get here. But it still feels sweet.

I got a friend request from this person on Orkut. There was no scrap preceding the request. I know girls get a lot of those, but i have decided that each time i get a random friend request i will post it here on the blog.

Now that i have got it, what more could i possibly want more ... I might as well go atop a building and jump down. Life feels like it has come a full circle.

If you want to know how fulfilling your life can be, mail that person at and request a friend request on Orkut. I promise you - nothing in this world will beat the orgasmic excitement you will receive when you get that friend request..


illusionaire said...

Havent orkutted in a looong time. Been there since its inception (2003). There had been so many weird comments and adds, that I finally created a community called "Worst pick-up line/ Intros of community" as a joke. It now has over 7000 members! Do join it if you get the chance.

And what does this tvcinema guy exactly do if a request is sent?

jayo said...

hey jas now that i have actually gone thru ur blog(sorry i lied before ) i have decided to make it a point to chk it out at most times.... n have added it to my "to do" list.. keep goin buddy.. awesome job

Jason said...

it is some 'spam' guy seeking students for some course...

@jayo, thanks ... to-do list .. gotta live up to expectations now :)

IdeaSmith said...

LOL...I can do without such thrills!

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