Sunday, July 29, 2007

Inspirational lines from Ali G

To Victoria Beckham : Me mate Dave played one of your records backwards, and it sounded loads better

To Liz Hurley : Now Liz you is a bigtime porn star is you no?

To Madonna : Anyways, you is known as da Immaterial Girl. Is dat cos your talent is immaterial compared to your ability to get your kit off? But dat is a bit stupid, innit? Every time I sees you, you ain't even wearing any material

To Elton John : you looked a total dic in the seventies wiv da shades but everyone looked like dics in da seventies


Anonymous said...

respek !!

menopausal_ballerina said...

Hail Sasha

PS: so out of the 500 blogs you read, how many are goan? i know of some like fred noronha's, jose lourenco's, pen pricks, dervish notes, and well some more... like

but being a goan internet addict for so long, i think its time i snooped around some more..

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