Monday, January 01, 2007

Delhi fog -> the terrorists are suspected

India's top security agencies said they had found traces of evidence indicating that foreign terrorists were behind the dense fog that has currently engulfed India's capital city.

Dense fog has made life difficult for Delhi residents in the past few days. Flights have been delayed, many of them cancelled and schedules disrupted beyond repair. Train schedules have suffered the same fate.

The Intelligence wing which was assigned the task of cracking the "Fog Clog" case, have blamed the terrorists for the fog. In an exclusive interview, one of the top honchos in the investigating agency has claimed that terrorists have resorted to this new tactic as it involves less effort in planning and execution and also less noise pollution, as compared to the bombs method. This assertion points to the growing love of the environment among the terrorist community.

The frustration of air passengers at the airports was on full show. While the electronic media made merry by filling in airtime with lots of advertisements in hour long programmes on the fog, passengers were encouraged to pour out their wrath on camera to increase the TRPs and subsequent advertising revenues. A majority of the passengers exercised calm and as of now, only two cans of coke have been smashed at the airport restaurant. Security agencies have taken the task of coating all the breakable items at the airport with rubber to prevent further loss.

Surveys and SMS polls indicate that 58% of the passengers blamed the government and its economic policies for the fog. One woman claimed the person manning the Air Deccan counter is responsible for the fog as she saw him behaving in a suspicious manner. Investigating agencies are probing whether airlines management and staff are hand in glove with the terrorists.


M-d said...

Wow, nice. A bit of spicy news. I liked it.

Almost Unreal said...

strange...terrorist now control the fog...hard to believe..may be I am too dumb to believe and undertand the situation

Jason said...

Last i heard, the terrorists were planning to take the fog and shift it to Mumbai. You have no idea how crazy these guys are!!

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