Friday, March 23, 2007

Bob Woolmer murder suspect

Bob Woolmer has been murdered. He was the coach of the Pakistan team who died of asphyxiation caused by manual strangulation less than 24 hours after Pakistan lost to Ireland in a first round match on Saturday. He was found unconscious at 10.45 am local time in his hotel room in Kingston, Jamaica by a chambermaid. His last known form of communication was an email he sent out to his wife at 3.12 am local time.

Never before has a murder scandal of this proportion hit world cricket.

Sickeningly, the amount of speculation and rumours surrounding the murder are rife. Who might be responsible? Why was he murdered? Hindi news channels in India have an amazing tendency to jump the gun to grab eyeballs (read TRPs). If they receive an anonymous call from a prankster who divulges false information and implicates a famous person in the murder, will they run it as "BREAKING NEWS" first and then bother about figuring out who was on the line? I wonder...


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