Friday, January 05, 2007

I am an Internet Moron

When i was in the 3rd standard, i would religiously read 2 newspapers a day. Both were local dailies, Navhind Times and O' Heraldo. As i got on i began reading upto 6 or more newspapers a day, 3 of which were bought at home and the others were caught up with in the college library. Gomantak Times, Hindustan Times, The Times Of India, Indian Express, Mid-day and the Asian Age were the favourites. I was interested in whats going on around me and i made it my business to catch up on stuff. When I had stuff to research for academic projects, i would pour through books for hours in Panjim's Central Library (View building picture) Part of the fun was locating the information. The effort and time involved in locating the information was directly proportional to the obscurity of the subject to be researched. Accidentally stumbling over a book of your interest was another highlight. I remember reading cricket books for hours when i had to be completing my biology assignment.

I devoured every thing i got. And i relished it. Whatever came my way.

Now, in the internet age, i devour only what i want. With the internet, i dont devour everything i get because its impossible to absorb it all. The internet is like having a 14 course buffet for lunch and dinner, every single day. And if you are someone who hasn't experienced a 3-course meal your whole life, and a blind gobbler of whatever is put in your plate, the choices can be stupefying. The importance and value of the food is lost because it is so freely available. We have so much choice unlike a decade ago when we had no option but to eat whats in our plate.

Now its simple and available at the click of a button about two feet away from my bed. I can read the local dailies of not just Goa but every country in the world. Which is why i believe i am becoming an Internet Moron. I learn, research and know only what i want to learn, research and know. I am not sure if it augurs well for me.


illusionaire said...

In today's internet lingo, this is known as TMI - Too Much Information. :-) With the invasion of the internet, we must be careful enough to distinguish the useless news from the important ones. I too read more than 3 different newspapers a day. Its a bad habit. Seriously! I know I am reading the same stuff for the third time on a different paper, but still I carry on reading! Bad addiction! :-)

Jason said...

To quote the lyrics of Nick Carter's song 'Help Me'
It's like I got the signals crossed
With messages I can't decode
Half asleep, never wide awake
And I'm in complete overload
I got so much information here
And nothing I can really grasp

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