Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Wedding In March

The wedding is due to take place in the exotic Carribean Islands over a period of 16 days in March. The bride has many suitors. But we have our personal favourite. Mr Indian Cricket Team.

Mr Indian Cricket Team is getting ready for the challenge of wooing the bride amidst so many others who will look to do the same this March.

All the relatives and neighbours, just about everyone wants to have a say on how Mr Indian Cricket Team must prepare.

There are two categories of people who have decided to appoint themselves as official advisors to Mr Indian Cricket Team. Those who know him and those who dont.

They believe that Mr Indian Cricket Team will falter miserably at his attempts to win the bride over, if he does not heed their advice. Suggestions, advice, criticism and opinions float everywhere.

Most people giving advice have never even come close to getting involved with a bride of this sort. However, boldened by pseudo-self confidence and concern for Mr Indian Cricket Team, they are not letting their inexperience with this sort of thing block the rivers of advice they have and are freely showering it! They are never ever confused and never ever in a predicament. Their confidence stems from the innumerable times they have analyzed past attempts to woo similiar brides by Mr. Indian Cricket Team.

Indian Cricket Team!! Wonder what he feels like!! He knows that if he wins the bride over, everyone in his hometown will rejoice, give him cash and gifts and advertising contracts and name streets after him. If he loses, they will throw stones at his house, draw their knives and chase him down the same streets!!

Mr Indian Cricket Team has been well fed and so well cared for. He has been fussed over, and countless hours have been spent in discussing what's best for him. A small fall here and a scratch there and all hearts are in the mouth.

So Mr. Indian Cricket Team , you hen pecked son of a million mothers, we wish you well!!

Here is a picture of the bride

FANTASY ERASER RULE -> Even though the amount of fussing over and debate is directly proportional to hype-without-substance factor and hence directly proportional to sales of products endorsed by Mr Indian Cricket Team, it has no relation to, direct or indirect, inverse or perverse, to the performance of Mr Indian Cricket Team at the wedding.

This rule is also called the 'Reality-bit-my-butt-off Rule'.


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