Friday, January 12, 2007

We will get back to you as soon as possible


The last e-mail Stephen Bennett's (Who is he - Read link1, link2, link3)
sister Amanda wrote to the Mumbai police on January
7, 2007:
Please inform about your investigation re. STEPHEN BENNETT. Who can I
meet with from your police force? Are you investigating activity at
Baga beach? Will you bother to reply? Am I really so unimportant? What
about your charter and mission statement are they rubbish? Are your
words hollow? You should care about this crime and put resources into
the investigation. Please be responsible with your words to the press,
my brother WAS NOT a drug addict, nor did he have AIDS. Your officers
are talking rubbish to the press. Why do you allow this to happen?
What are you doing to find the men who have absconded? Why haven't you
published their pictures in your media? It appears that no effort is
being made to solve this crime.

Thanks Amanda

However, all the mails written by Amanda to the Mumbai police have only received
an automated reply:
Mumbai Police ( wrote:

Thank you for your query. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mumbai Police


I am trying to figure out if its a little better than the BSNL phone slogan
"Iss shetr ki sabhi linein vyast hai. Kripya thodi dher baad prayatn karein"
(All lines on this route are busy. Please try after some time.)
Hindi movies are not the only place where the police arrives after the action is over.


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