Monday, January 22, 2007

'ratists', not racists and breathlessness woes

On NDTV, there was a debate about Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty refusing to kiss each other, or what was it actually about? No seriously, i had no idea. The issue was racism(or was it reality TV!), but what exactly about it?

There was a bummer of a guy in Meghnad Dessai who said "Big Brother is a third-rate programme watched by third-rate people" and the issue is just a trivial one. So no racism but maybe 'ratism'? I wonder what is my rate!! No, not that way you fool. I mean the way Meghnad, the ratist and not the racist, sees it. 1st rate, 2nd rate, 3rd rate, 4th rate, 7th rate, 21st rate, 261st rate?

Farrukh Dhondy
was brought in and he was even more of a bummer. Steven Kapoor a.k.a. Apache Indian did say things that must have pleased Barkha for the sake of debate and TRPs. Some guy from Sony gave ample evidence of what kind of duffers are brought on camera when he praised reality TV for uncovering the issue and bringing it to the fore. Yeah, we even had a clip of roadies shown on the programme.

Picture this. A simpleton. His head is held by this strong guy with powerful hands who bends him over a bucket of water(stinky filthy water) and forces his head into the bucket until he is gasping for air and cant take it anymore. He keeps doing it whenever he feels. He continues untill the poor simpleton cant take it anymore. The reason the simpleton is not suffocated to death and kept alive is so that the torture can be prolonged and vicious for the sadistic big guy.

Now this. The strong guy is the media. The simpleton represents the very gullible people like you and me. The bucket of filthy stinking **** are the issues we are regularly bathed in. Again and again and again. Till we cant take it anymore.

Ok. Enough. Before i drown in the sea of racism or reality TV or Ganguly's 98 or some wedding plans ......


Bombay Addict said...

Hey Jason - Off topic but I've linked up to you. Do visit sometime. Thanks.

illusionaire said...

I like the topic Racism. You get to hear a lot of opinions and thoughts of different different people, most of them quite sensitiv and deep :-) It is one topic people will never get tired of discussing.

Do chk one of my old posts before my "transformation" if u got the time.

Jason said...

Thanks Bombay Addict :)

Kim, that post on your blog was the first of your stuff i read and it got me hooked me to your blog :)

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