Sunday, June 10, 2007

Come on over!

They - "Heya! Surprise! "

Me - "Hi.... whats up?"

They - "Today is Sunday. We knew you all would be home. So we came over."

Me - "Great. The real purpose of our life which is having you over on Sunday. The rest of the week we spent in our jobs. But thats a distraction from the real purpose. Now that you are here, life begins to make so much sense. "


Monday's Child said...

hahhaahahaha THAT has happened to me so many times... my problem is that I am always... "hey comeover any time, my home is your home etc.." and I DO mean it .. it's just that THEY do sometimes show up at the most "not nooow" times.. when I am still in pyjamas and looking forward to a lovely lonely moment of intense interaction with my TV!!!

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