Friday, June 15, 2007

Uncensored Modesty

The polite way of saying you are the best in India is to get someone else to say it. If you have been paddling around for a top job, getting a few political bigwigs to say you are the best person for the job helps. When the spotlight turns on you, just give a sheepish smile and say you are ready to accept the will of the people and if the people think you are the best, then so be it. This brings out your modesty. If there is any.

Karan Singh tells NDTV he is the best man for the job of the President of India. I wonder if that is the best way to put your point across. I know the cause was lost. Pratibha Patil was in the driver's seat, a bit too early perhaps. Karan Singh with his Zakir Hussain cap emphatically states that he is the best man among the nominees.

Had he been nominated, Kallu Mama would have said he is the best man for the job as well.

The best man is not the star. Rajnikanth is asked who is the bigger star? Rajini or Amitabh - Rajini retort 'I may be a king but Amitabh is the emperor' - Oh what modesty! And i have been thinking Amitabh was a farmer who keeps saying UP mein dhum hai!


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