Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gems from the Times of India

Someone posts anti-Shivaji balderash on Orkut. Shiv Sena attacks a cybercafe in protest. Baffled?
Dont be.

The Times Of India beats it.

They pick on this issue and a headline on the bottom of the front page of the Mumbai edition yesterday reads 'Shiv Sena doublespeak on website'.

The TOI has found the Orkut profiles of Shiv Sena chief's Bal Thackeray's grandsons Aditya, Tejas and Rahul. Any relation between the anti-Shivaji and anti-Shiv Sena camps and these Orkut profiles is not investigated/mentioned.

We are told about the friends and scraps each grandson has. Thank you. Invaluable information.
If Bal Thackeray has a profile on Orkut, what has it got to do with posters of Hate Shivaji communities?

And you thought people who did not bother figuring out the difference between a poster on Orkut and a cybercafe in Kalyan were weird.

The same TOI has a headline on the inside pages that goes like this -
'A Diploma In A Happening Field May Be A Better Investment Than A Five-Year General Post-Graduate Programme'


Just dont take this TOI thingamajiggy seriously. Please.


The Last Sign said...

TOI can be crazy like i discovered today

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