Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cute gals have weapons - Proven

Chat with H on MSN.

Me : women who dont fart audibly are called perfect gentlewomen. You are a certified silent farter
She: ... oh boy, that's not me at all. Wanna hear me fart?
Me : No
She: i am actually a certified silent killer, my silent ones can kill a battalion
Me : This is going on my blog
She : what is? silent killer?
Me : yeah
She : OMG. But you will say I am cute right???
Me : should i?
She : of course. You should let ppl know cute gals have weapons

NOTE : - Do not panic if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. H is in Singapore.


Shrey said...

hats off to H... hats off..

Jason said...

Shrey, I think you could be right. Its time we keep H happy. Our fragile planet has had enough with global warming already ..

Monday's Child said...

hahahaahaha well done H!

Jason said...

monday's child, even silent killers get accolades :)

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